Introducing a funky and bright new selection of designs to the Ikon Stash-Plug range, have a peek at these Cannister Impression plugs!

These cute designs are available in a gorgeous range of colours (white, black and pink) with a funky assortment of motifs for a very unique style. Old skool Space Invaders for the geek in you, kittens for the cute chicks, cherries and stars for retro lovers, skulls and knuckledusters for those who mean business… and many more!

Ultra high quality hand-polished 316L Surgical Steel ear cannisters have a hideaway compartment area for small items (or larger items, depending on your stretch diameter!). Perfect for keeping your chewing gum or even cash notes hidden away whilst out on the town or in a club.

Don’t forget to check out the full range of Stash Flesh Plug Cannisters, with over 30 unique designs!

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