The key to stretching your septum piercing is time and patience. Your body tissues need time between each stretching stage to adjust, heal and grow new cells. For large gauge septum piercings, many choose to wear flesh tunnels and flesh plugs as they don’t weigh the tissue down, which is helpful in the healing process. This also allows for the piercing to not be damaged by the sudden movement of the body jewellery, whilst being hidden discreetly for everyday wear.


Stretching your septum piercing will be the same stretching process that is involved for any other piercing, taking care to stretch only as far as it is comfortable without tearing or damaging your septum tissue.

Steel Stretching Crescent Kit 1.6mm - 5mm

This piercing stretching crescent kit consists of 6 stretching crescents, from 1.6mm to 5mm. This is one of our most popular piercing stretching kits as it contains everything you need to get you started up to 5mm. The crescents can be used to ease your septum piercing up to a higher gauge and can then be left in as jewellery until you are ready to make your next stretch!

Stretching a piercing is a gradual process that will last months, sometimes years depending on how large you decide to stretch. It’s important to change your gauge gradually, allowing ample healing time between sizes (normally a minimum of 3-4 weeks). If you move too fast, you risk damaging the skin which may result in scar tissue. Scars make your piercing look as if it is cracking around the hole and also makes it very difficult to change gauge. Expect a little soreness, described best as a slightly ‘uncomfortable’ sensation, as your piercing heals and adjusts to the new size. Your piercing should not ache or sting when you are stretching, as this will usually imply the risk of tissue tearing or a blowout.

One of the easiest ways to stretch your piercing without any problems is with the use of stretching tapers, stretching crescents or insertion pins. Tapered Insertion Pin.

The stretching tapers, stretching crescents and insertion pins are used to stretch your piercing up one size at a time – i.e. – if you wanted to stretch from a 1.6mm to 2.4mm, then you would need a 2.4mm pin. The 2.4mm pin starts at 1.6mm and gradually increases in size to a 2.4mm.

You will need to lubricate your stretching tool(substances such as Savlon, Liquid Soap, Vitamin-E oil are recommended) and push it slowly through your septum piercing, massaging and slowly easing the tissue to fit onto the larger gauge. 

A good time to stretching your piercing is after a hot bath or shower as the warmth causes the tissue to expand and soften, making you skin more elastic and the stretch easier.

It is important to remember that once you have stretched your piercing up to a new size, a healthy aftercare regime will help to heal and strengthen your stretched piercing.

Easypiercing® Care Kit

We have a fantastic selecton of specifically chosen, optimal quality Healing and Aftercare Products for you to choose from. We have everything to suit your piercing aftercareneeds! Each cleaning, cleansing and antibacterial solution can be used daily to clean and freashen your piercing – taking good care of new piercings and body modifications will go a long way in preventing complications, speeding up the healing process and keeping your body well looked after!

We fully support the need for good piercing hygiene and also provide you with the best value for money without compromising quality or reliability, so the importance of health can be considered by everyone. See our information pages for more information on Piercing Aftercare and Common Piercing Problems.