Large gauge 00ga circular barbells are available in surgical steel for stretched piercings. This 00ga circular barbell can be used in any 00ga large gauge piercing that has been stretched up to this size, 00ga is the gauge thickness of this circular barbell, also known as 10mm in metric measurement. The 00ga circular barbell is fairly heavyweight and features two removable balls on both ends of the large gauge circular barbell.

Surgical Steel 00ga Circular Barbells

Surgical steel 00ga circular barbells feature two removable threaded balls on either end of the large gauge circular barbell. At such a great size, the 00ga circular barbell has externally threaded balls, which screw into the internally threaded circular barbell stem. The 00ga circular barbell has an entirely smooth stem surface for easy insertion into your large gauge piercing.

00ga Circular Barbell

00ga Circular Barbells

00ga Circular Barbell Sizes

The 00ga circular barbell comes in a choice of different internal diameter sizes. To ensure you pick the correct internal diameter for your 00ga circular barbell, you must measure your body piercing and choose the correct size that fits you. The internal diameter can be measured to correspond with the distance between the two entry holes of your stretched piercing.

00ga Circular Barbell

00ga Circular Barbell

Stretching Piercings to 00ga Circular Barbell

Stretching your piercing to 00ga will take some time and patience. You can stretch your piercing using insertion pins and stretching tapers, find a great selection in our stretching tools!

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