6mm Steel Smooth Segment Ring

6mm Smooth Segment Ring

Smooth segment rings are an essential piece of body jewellery and here at BJS we love the smooth, seamless look that they give. Segment rings have always been hard to find in larger sizes but I’m happy to announce that we now stock a 6mm smooth segment ring. This large smooth segment ring is perfect for stretched ear piercings and it’s a great alternative to large BCRs.

A smooth segment ring works in the same way as a BCR except that instead of a captive ball, it has a segment that “pops” out. This means it looks like a smooth, endless ring and has a flatter, smoother profile. Our 6mm smooth segment ring is very comfortable and easy to keep clean. It is expertly machined from 316L surgical steel, which is perfectly smooth. You can rotate the ring 360 degrees through the piercing and it looks awesome. We also have smooth segment rings in smaller gauges and brightly coloured UV acrylic smooth segment rings that go right up to 8mm/0G .