If you want to stretch your piercings cheaply and quickly, acrylic stretching tapers are a great option. PMMA acrylic is a very light, durable and affordable material and it is great for body jewellery. These acrylic stretching tapers are easy to use and they come in a huge range of colours, so you can have a cool look while you are sizing up. Acrylic is comfortable to wear and it is non-irritating, so it should not irritate your piercing or cause any kind of allergic reaction. Another great thing about acrylic stretching tapers is that they have a nice smooth surface. This means that you can slide them smoothly into the piercing gradually.

Neon Acrylic Stretching Tapers

Neon Acrylic Stretching Taper

If you like to make a statement with colour, you’ll love these neon acrylic stretching tapers. These stretching tapers are really bright and they come in pink, orange, blue, yellow, purple and green. These stretching tapers have a nice chunky shape and they are not too long. They also have a rounded tip, so they are comfy to wear and won’t poke your skin. I love these tapers because they are just so cute and the colours really jump out at you.

UV Stripy Acrylic Stretching Tapers

UV Stripy Acrylic Stretching Taper

These UV stripy acrylic stretching tapers are a slightly longer taper and they also have the rounded tip, so they are great to wear and sleep in. They are actually a clear taper with the design sandwiched inside the middle of the taper. This means that the design cannot scratch off and they will look just as good after you’ve worn them for a long time. These acrylic tapers are very popular here at BJS and they come in five colours – pink, purple, green, orange and clear.