This funky range of Animal Print Buffalo Horn features Buffalo flesh plugs and Buffalo spirals for stretched piercings. Available in a variety of colours, the Animal Print markings are guaranteed to make your jewellery stand out in style. These simple yet eyecatching designs are ideal for those who love something really unique, with a touch of colour to brighten up your look for any occasion.

Buffalo Horn body jewellery is great for reducing bad odour and has great biocompatibility, ensuring a safe and comfortable piece of jewellery especially for people with allergies or sensitive skin.


Each Buffalo Horn flesh plug and ear spiral is beautifully hand crafted, painted and finished with quality in mind. No animal life is taken to aquire this material and no suffering is involved in the acquisition of these by-products.

Water Buffalo Horn flesh plugs feature an animal print on the front face, whilst plain black on the opposite side. The beautifully finished and polished buffalo flesh plug features one design on the front of the plug, and one plain black surface on the other. The plug can be worn facing either way, for two different looks.