Most schools do not allow eyebrow piercings and they are frowned on by most workplaces too. As much as I love eyebrow piercings, it’s easy to see why employers and teachers object to them so much – they are highly visible and noticeable. Despite how noticeable eyebrow piercings are, they can be hidden by using an eyebrow retainer.

An eyebrow retainer will make your piercing much more discrete and most schools will allow you to keep your piercing as long as you wear an eyebrow retainer. Most eyebrow retainers are really cheap, so you can pick up a few spares or experiment with different types to find the right one for you.

Will An Eyebrow Retainer Really Hide My Piercing?

A lot of our customers are dubious about the ability of eyebrow retainers to really hide your piercing – can they really make a piercing disappear? The answer is definitely yes, a good eyebrow retainer will hide your piercing and make it hard to spot.

How effective your eyebrow retainer is depends on a good fit for your piercing – if you eyebrow retainer is too long it will stick out like a sore thumb. Most eyebrow retainers are made of BioFlex or acrylic that you can trim with scissors or a craft knife to ensure the perfect fit.

Once you’ve got the perfect fit, an eyebrow retainer will make your piercing almost invisible. Most retainers are invisible unless you really look for them. If they are visible, they just look like a tiny bump on your skin.

Clear Eyebrow Retainers

Below are three of the most popular types of eyebrow retainer. On the left is a curved eyebrow retainer with an O-ring that I recommend as a great first retainer. Most people find this retainer very comfortable and discrete. It is 10mm long, with fits most eyebrow piercings. If however you want a longer eyebrow retainer I recommend the other two pictured. These retainers are 25mm long and can be trimmed to fit using a pair of scissors. Once you have the right length just add an O-ring or clear ball to the end of the eyebrow retainer.

Curved Eyebrow Retainer

Curved Eyebrow Retainer

25mm BioFlex Eyebrow Retainer

25mm BioFlex Straight Eyebrow Retainer

25mm BioFlex Curved Eyebrow Retainer

25mm BioFlex Curved Eyebrow Retainer