Belly piercing jewels are glitzy and glamorous, perfect for dressing up your belly piercing and looking like a star! A belly piercing jewel can be worn for all occasions, throughout the year to brighten up your look in the sunshine, or to add a touch of glamour to your Christmas outfit; the ultimate festive accessory! Belly piercing jewels can be found in a variety of ranges from the highly exclusive swarovski jewels to beautifully set cubic zirconia jewels in a stunning array of colours, shapes and designs. We even have a wonderous range of cluster set belly piercing jewels that exude true star quality!

Belly Piercing Jewels

Belly Piercing Jewels

Surgical Steel Belly Piercing Jewels

Surgical steel belly piercing jewels include the jewelled navel bananabells that come in a range of different colours to suit your style. Surgical steel belly piercing jewels can be purchased with one single jewelled belly jewel, or double belly piercing jewels, amongst other designs including the Rivoli belly jewels, smooth belly peircing jewels, claw-set belly piercing jewels and cluster belly jewels.

Blackline Belly Piercing Jewel

Blackline Belly Piercing Jewel

Titanium Belly Piercing Jewel

The Titanium belly piercing jewel range includes a gorgeous selection of belly peircing jewels with different coloured titanium stems, including purple bananabells, green, dark blue, light blue and the standard ti-glow bananabell stems. The titanium belly piercing jewel colour range also boasts these beautiful colour combinations of crystal ab belly piercing jewel, rainbow belly piercing jewel, and vitrail light belly piercing jewel. Check out the beautiful cluster belly jewels for ultimate dazzle!

Swarovski Belly Jewels

These rich and prestigious Swarovski crystal belly jewels are the ultimate belly piercing accessories, with stunningly set swarovski jewels to dress up your belly piercing in style. With a vast selection of different swarovski belly piercing jewel colours, shapes, styles and designs for all tastes and occasions. Treat your special lady to one of the most wonderful gifts a lady could get for her belly piercing! Perfect for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and even Valentines Day, for a true spark of romance.

Swarovski Belly Piercing Jewels

Union Jack Belly Piercing Jewel

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