BioFlex Belly Button Rings

Give your belly button piercing a comfortable new feel with our range of BioFlex belly button rings. Unlike traditional metal jewellery, BioFlex navel rings are soft and flexible, so they are really comfortable to wear. BioFlex is similar to PTFE but comes in a range of colours and lots of cute designs like the one on the right. BioFlex is also very biocompatible and it can help with piercings that are easily irritated, sore or refuse to heal up. If your piercing is often red and angry, I recommend switching to a BioFlex belly button bar straight away. BioFlex is also non-stick, so they are easy to keep clean and help your piercing to breathe.

Advantages of BioFlex Belly Button Rings

There are many advantages of wearing a BioFlex belly bar but here are my top reasons to switch to one of these belly button bars today. Believe me, once you have tried BioFlex for your belly piercing you’ll want to swap all your piercing jewellery over.

  1. Reduces stress on piercing
  2. Moves with your body
  3. Safer in event of impact to piercing
  4. Less likely to catch on clothing etc
  5. Great choice of colours
  6. Non-irritating
  7. Extremely comfortable
  8. Feels softer than a metal bar
  9. Non-stick, so require less cleaning
  10. Can reduce healing time
  11. Suitable for unhealed piercings
  12. Can be worn during MRI scans and X-rays
  13. More acceptable to many schools and workplaces than metal jewellery
  14. Longer bars can be trimmed to fit

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