BioFlex Body Jewelry

Here at Body Jewellery Shop we are big fans of BioFlex body jewelry – with good reason! BioFlex is one of the best materials for piercing jewelry and wearing it can reduce many of the risks associated with having a piercing – including difficult healing and tooth damage due to oral piercings. BioFlex is a high tech biocompatible plastic that can be used to make anything from body jewelry to bicycle seats. It is flexible but durable, which means that BioFlex body jewelry is bendy and very comfortable to wear. It is also extremely biocompatible and non-irritating – if your piercings are sensitive or refuse to heal, I recommend switching to BioFlex jewelry. Similar to PTFE, BioFlex has the added advantage that it comes in lots of different colours, so it looks just as good as it feels.

Benefits of BioFlex Body Jewelry

There are so many benefits to wearing BioFlex body jewelry. For me the big thing is the way it feels. I wear a BioFlex tongue bar and it feels so much lighter, softer and more comfortable than a metal bar. Plus it does not wear on my teeth and unlike my other tongue bars, I have never had any plaque build up. BioFlex is non-stick, so the plaque just doesn’t stick to it. If you have ever had to chip plaque off your tongue bar you’ll know what a big plus that is! Here is my list of reasons to wear BioFlex body jewelry:

  1. Very comfortable
  2. Can reduce healing time
  3. Extremely biocompatible
  4. Available in a choice of colours
  5. Non stick – easier to keep clean
  6. Flexible
  7. Non-irritating
  8. Metal-free
  9. Reduces risk of damage in oral piercings
  10. Less likely to get caught on clothing
  11. Suitable for X-rays, MRI scans etc
  12. Safer in event of impact to piercing
  13. Very durable
  14. Extremely lightweight
  15. Softer feel than metal jewelry
  16. Can be trimmed with scissors for perfect fit
  17. Great value