Black Swan Contact Lenses

When Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan wowed audiences everyone was talking about lead actress Natalie Portman’s incredible transformation for the role. The normally fresh-faced Portman was transformed first into an elegant ballet dancer and then into a wraithlike black swan for her final performance. The make up in the film is amazing and Natalie Portman also wore black and red contact lenses to demonstrate the way that her character was consumed by her dancing. Portman’s Black Swan contact lenses were created by specialist Kevin Crater. Crater has revealed that Portman’s lenses were painstakingly hand painted using special dyes. I think the Black Swan look is going to be big this Halloween and it is surprisingly easy to recreate using basic make up and a good pair of Black Swan contact lenses.

Best Match for Black Swan Contact Lenses

To recreate the Black Swan look you will need lenses with a black centre and a red outer ring. We have three lenses that are similar but I think that the best match is actually the i-Glow Bulls Eye Contact Lenses. These are UV lenses but in regular light they look just like Natalie Portman’s Black Swan contacts. You could also use the Red Manga or Red Rim contact lenses – both have a bright red ring around the outside.

i-Glow Bulls Eye Black Swan Contact Lenses

i-Glow Bulls Eye Contact Lenses

Red Manga Black Swan Contact Lenses

Red Manga Contact Lenses

Red Rim Black Swan Contact Lenses

Red Rim Contact Lenses