These unique home body casting kits will create a precious memory that will last forever.

For every occasion in life we have a body casting kit for you, from important milestones such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and pregnancy, right through to fun and quirky castings. Stuck for ideas? A body casting kit makes an unforgettable, sentimental gift either in kit form or as a finished cast. There is nothing more rewarding than producing such a unique memory yourself…for her, for him, for the grandparents and even for yourself!

Yes, photographs can capture a moment, but how clearly can you see the actual size, each line, each wrinkle and fold of baby’s foot aged 5 weeks? By taking a cast you have a perfect replica of all these things, something to touch, clearly see and cherish. Body casting can keep your memory alive forever.

Each and every one of the body casting kits are easy to do and include all the specialist finishing paints, which make all the difference to the finished article. The moulding material is perfectly safe for any skin, non toxic and hypo allergenic, it is widely used in the medical industry for taking skin impressions.  


The pregnant belly body casting kit creates a unique way to capture your special time. This kit is not just a pregnancy belly bandage but an exact belly plaster cast; it will take every tiny detail and reproduce it on your final cast. Our body casting kits will produce a stunning piece of art, with little dimples, scars and even goose bumps! Capture all the curves of that voluptuous body, and once you are back in shape you will marvel at the cast for years to come! 



The breast and chest body casting kit is such a fantastic and unique gift for a partner either in kit form or as the finished cast. Maybe you are looking to have a breast enlargement or a breast reduction – capture the before and after to see just how much you like your new look! Capture those curves today and keep them forever! You can even cast with hands covering the breasts for that extra cleavage… every bedroom should have one! The casting process is excellent fun for both model and caster.




The Baby and Toddler Hands and Feet Body Casting Kit creates a perfect 3D replica of your baby’s hand & foot, capturing every tiny detail so unique to every baby and so precious to every parent. This body casting kit includes everything you need to produce the cast of your child’s hand and foot or two hands or feet.





The Parent & Baby Holding Hands Body Casting Kit makes A truly stunning cast! Capture that special time when baby’s hand wraps around your finger and grips it tightly. Great for parents or even grandparents holding hands with that precious baby. A wonderful 3D cast and priceless memory.





Our Family hands Body Casting Kit makes a brilliant gift for everyone. If you are looking for a unique and different present, these 3D mould kits are for you. What a way to bring family and friends together with unbelievable results. The hands body casting kits are also a superb present for any wedding couple. Having your hands cast will be a fun and unforgettable experience. This casting kit will allow you to capture up to two adults and two child hands together with hands posed flat. Jewellery can even be worn for added sentiment!




Nothing is more recognizable than the face. The Adult Face Body Casting Kit is simple to use and the results are stunning. They are wall mountable which means you can look down on everyone for years to come and never age!




The Adult Bottom Casting Kit allows you to capture that curvy, peachy bottom forever! If your partner loves your bum then they will be over the moon with this! Either in 3D kit form or the finished cast it makes a superb and personal gift for a loved one. You can even wear underwear to accentuate your curves. Everything is included in the casting kit, even hangers to make it wall mountable. 


View our full range of body casting kits to mark your place in history!

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