piercing jewellery bonus packs

December is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start looking for little gifts and stocking fillers – there is plenty of time for buying Christmas presents, so picking up little presents now will make sure you aren’t stuck in the Xmas rush in December. Here at BJS we have lots of great gifts for pierced folks but I think these body jewellery bonus packs make excellent stocking fillers.

Nose Body Jewellery Bonus Packs

Our nose piercing bonus packs contain a selection of nose studs all for a great price. They are a great way to stock up on nose piercing jewellery and come in a range of designs to suit your piercing. Below are just three of the nose piercing body jewellery bonus packs that we have. The different coloured jewels make it easy to update your look and they come in both silver and surgical steel for your comfort.

Curved Nose Piercing Studs Pack

Curved Nose Studs Bonus Pack

Straight Nose Piercing Studs Pack

Straight Nose Studs Bonus Pack

Straight Clear Nose Piercing Studs Pack

Straight Nose Studs Bonus Pack

Tongue Body Jewellery Bonus Packs

If you can’t decide on one tongue bar to give someone, pick up one of our tongue piercing bonus packs. These bonus packs include a tongue barbell with a selection of cool threaded accessories. This means you can swap the accessories or mix and match them with your other jewellery for a coordinated look. These tongue piercing body jewellery bonus packs are great value and a fab way to treat yourself too.

Dice Tongue Piercing Pack

Dice Tongue Bonus Pack

Jewelled Tongue Piercing Pack

Jewelled Tongue Bonus Pack

Pentagram Tongue Piercing Pack

Pentagram Tongue Bonus Pack