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Flesh plugs are designed for stretched ear piercings. You can find an extraordinary range of flesh plugs in many different colours and designs to suit your very own style, from a large range of materials including buffalo horn flesh plugs, coral flesh plugs, PMMA acrylic flesh plugs, silicone flesh plugs, blackline flesh plugs, zircon gold flesh plugs, titanium flesh plugs, glass flesh plugs, glow in the dark flesh plugs, surgical steel flesh plugs, amber flesh plugs, ultra violet UV flesh plugs, and nut and wood flesh plugs. With such a fabulous choice of flesh plug jewellery to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find something for all occasions.

Glass Flesh Plugs

Make a fashionable statement with our stunning selection of glass flesh plugs. Each and every glass flesh plug features unique patterns and hues, naturally formed and beautifully polished to perfection. The glass flesh plugs are hand crafted and available in a wide range of vibrant colours. Check out the natural Krakatoa glass flesh plugs, one of the most popular ranges. Beautifully smooth and biocompatible, glass flesh plugs are perfect for sensitive ears.

The Jewelled Flesh Plug

Some of our most popular jewelled flesh plugs include the glamorous surgical steel crystal blaze flesh plug, the claw set crown jewelled flesh plug, the double flared jewelled flesh plug and even a black jewelled flesh plug. This range is very chic and perfect for special occasions. Choose a jewelled flesh plug as a gift to treat your special someone on their birthday, valentine’s day or christmas!

Large gauge body jewellery is specifically designed for stretched piercings. Large gauge body jewellery is available in a wide variety of different jewellery types, including the most popular large gauge ball closure rings, large gauge barbells, large gauge bananabells or large gauge curved barbells, large gauge circular barbells, large gauge tunnels and plugs and large gauge stretching accessories. You can find large gauge body jewellery in many different types of materials too, for all your stretching requirements.

Large Gauge Stretching Tools

We have an extensive collection of large gauge body jewellery to help you stretch your piercing up to the size you want, including stretching pin kits, large gauge crescents, large gauge spirals and claws, large gauge taper pins and much more!

Large Gauge Body Jewellery

Large Gauge Body Jewellery

Surgical Steel Large Gauge Body Jewellery

Surgical steel large gauge body jewellery is very versatile and accessible, with the greatest range of large gauge jewellery sizes to choose from. Large gauge ball closure rings, large gauge barbells and this princebell large gauge curved barbell is perfect for genital piercings. Surgical steel large gauge body jewellery is great value for money and has greater choice compared to Titanium and Blackline alternatives, that are limited to the choice of large gauge sizes.

Large Gauge Circular Barbells

Large Gauge Circular Barbells

Large Gauge Acrylic Jewellery

Large gauge body jewellery in PMMA acrylic is lightweight, comfortable and a very practical choice of large gauge body jewellery for all your needs. Large gauge acrylic body jewellery includes large gauge spirals, large gauge claws, large gauge flesh plugs, large gauge stretching tapers and much more!

Acrylic Large Gauge Body Jewellery

Acrylic Large Gauge Body Jewellery

Glass body jewellery is a luxurious range of body piercing jewellery and accessories to customize your body piercings in style. Our glass body jewellery range features some of the most mesmerizing combinations of colour, pattern and shape to enhance your look. Glass body jewellery is incredibly comfortable and hypo-allergenic, making it safe and comfortable to wear by anyone.

Glass Body Jewellery Spirals, Twists and Claws

This range of stunningly vibrant glass body spirals are available in a wide range of dichroic colours, beautifully crafted to perfection. Glass body jewellery embodies a unique delicate beauty that cannot be achieved in any other material you will find. Glass body jewellery spirals include stylish pinstripe spirals and claws, glass dichroic serpentina spirals, glass twists and reflective glass gaslight body jewellery.

Glitter Glass Body Jewellery

Glitter Glass Body Jewellery

Glass Body Jewellery Flesh Plugs

Glass body jewellery flesh plugs are designed for stretched earlobe piercings, available in a variety of designs from the glamorous and festive glass glitter flesh plugs (perfect for Christmas!), plain glass flesh plugs and the fabulous Krakatoa glass flesh plugs range!

Glass Flesh Tunnels

These glass flesh tunnels are bright and funky, showing off your stretched body piercing in style. Glass flesh tunnels come in a variety of colours, including the popular glass pinstripe top hats range!

Glass Jewellery has a flawless smooth finish completely biocompatible, perfect for sensitive skin as it wont irritate your piercing. Use Glass Jewellery to refresh your style, lead-free borosilicate glass is also suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

Glass Jewellery Flesh Plugs

Flesh Plugs are ideal for sensitive ears and difficult stretchings, they come in all different colours and designs using natural Krakatoa glass and glitter glass. Flesh Plugs are a great way to make a statement and these high quality plugs have been handcrafted.

Purple Glitter Flesh Plug Glass Jewellery

Purple Glass Glitter Flesh Plug

Purple Glass Glitter Flesh Plug

This stunning biocompatible glass glitter flesh plug is compatible for implantation and body jewellery wear. Only the best Borosilicate glass is used in these purple glass flesh plugs, so there’s no danger of finding any lead properties like many other companies use. Each flesh plug is hand crafted and inspected to exceptionally high standards.

Glass Jewellery Flesh Tunnel

Glass Flesh Tunnels keep stretchings looking and feeling fantastic. There are many eye-catching designs and colours of flesh tunnel glass jewellery and they are very smooth, ideal for sensitive stretchings.

Turquoise Top Hat Flesh Tunnel Glass Jewellery

Turquoise Top Hat Glass Jewellery

Turquoise Top Hat Glass Jewellery

These Barium Crystal top hat glass jewellery flesh tunnels come with a rubber o-ring, simply fit it to the back to of the top hat to keep it nice and secure. The fully smooth surface of the top hat ensures comfort and cleanliness, allowing you to concentrate on looking great.

This fabulous range of Krakatoa Glass Flesh Plugs features a wonderful assortment of pieces designed for stretched ear piercings. Each one has been beautifully crafted and polished from natural Java Obsidian glass.

Glass Krakatoa Flesh Plug – Clear Cloud

Obsidian is a natural glass of volcanic origin that is formed by the rapid cooling of lava. Obsidian flesh plugs have a glassy lustre that reflects the sunlight beautifully with a stunning array of colours, natural patterns and textures shining through a translucent surface.

Glass Krakatoa Flesh Plug – Whiskey

Obsidian has been used for thousands of years for toolmaking. Sharp shards of obsidian were formed into arrowheads by Indians. The Aztecs also used obsidian for tools such as sacrificial knives, the eyes of carving of their gods, and even mirrors.

Glass Krakatoa Flesh Plug – Cognac

The Krakatoa Glass Flesh Plug range is a stunning representation of mother nature, very comfortable to wear and look after. Cleaning is easy and quick; maintaining a healthy piercing has never been easier!

Glass Krakatoa Flesh Plug – Green with banding

Natural materials worn in stretched piercings help to reduce bad odour and offer great biocompatibility, ensuring a safe and comfortable piece of jewellery especially for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Glass Krakatoa Flesh Plug – Clear Green with banding

Obsidian has been known to have mystical power, often used for gaining clear insight into problems. Obsidian stabilizes and is a chastiser.

Glass Krakatoa Flesh Plug – Light Blue with banding

The Krakatoa Glass Flesh Plugs are double-flared, only recommended for healed stretches. It’s important to change your stretching size gradually, allowing ample healing time between sizes (normally a minimum of 3-4 weeks). The best and easiest way to stretch your ear piercing is with the use of stretching tapers (or Insertion Pins) found on BodyJewelleryShop.

Glass Krakatoa Flesh Plug – Pink Champagne

Don’t forget to check out our full range of Glass body piercing jewellery, including a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes and textures. Our vast range of glass piercing jewellery includes glass spirals, glass twists, glass hooks, glass claws, glass flesh plugs, glass top-hats, glass eyelets, glass flesh tunnels and more!

Glass is a common body piercing jewellery material that has been used for thousands of years. Some of the earliest evidence of glass body jewellery has been discovered in ancient Egypt, where glass flesh plugs have been recovered from ancient Egyptian tombs. Ancient traditions around the world have also treasured glass as a symbol of wealth and status in the form of glass beads, earrings, lucky charms and other ornaments.

Glass body jewellery possesses unique and strikingly beautiful qualities that set it apart from all other jewellery materials. Simple, clean and highly polished, colours are vibrant and reflective in the sunlight. Glass jewellery is often semi-transparent with a 3-dimensional effect, but can also be produced with a solid, matte finish.

You can find a fabulous range of glass body jewellery on, including glass flesh plugs, flesh tunnels, twists and claws.

Find glass body jewellery in many different designs, colours and even sizes ranging from 1.6mm to 20mm only at BodyJewelleryShop!

Is glass body jewellery safe to wear?

Glass body jewellery is very comfortable, durable and safe to wear in body piercings. By its very nature glass is chemically inert (void of any chemical activity), making it highly bio-compatible and hypoallergenic. Those who have nickel or other allergies to metal and acrylic jewellery are able to wear glass body jewellery without any problems.

Glass has also been used in the medical world for implantation in bone reconstruction throughout the body.

BodyJewelleryShop supply only Borosilicate glass, so there is absolutely no lead in any of our glass body jewellery. Every piece is hand crafted and approved, ensuring to provide you with only the best standard of glass body jewellery.

What type of glass is suitable for body jewellery?

  • Borosilicate glass is often sold under the brand name Pyrex. Borosilicate is a special class of heat resistant, chemical resistant and resilient glass that is not only special in its composition but is also heated and cooled in specific ways to give it the qualities required for scientific and medical uses.
  • Quartz glass is the most common mineral found on the surface of the earth. Quartz has many variations often used for body jewellery. Pure quartz is colourless or white, whilst coloured varieties come in the form of rose quartz, amethyst, onyx, citrine, carnelian, tiger’s eye, jasper and many more!
  • Soda-lime Glass
    Soda-lime glass is the most common type of industrially-produced glass. It is not as durable or resilient as
    borosilicate or quartz, but it has been very successful as a material for body jewellery.

BodyJewelleryShop offers a stunning selection of natural quartz gemstone flesh plugs including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and many more!

What are the advantages of wearing glass body jewellery?

The bio-compatibility characteristics of glass make it ideal in helping to prevent infection in newly pierced or stretched areas. Glass body jewellery can also be sterilized in a steam-autoclave, making it safe for this purpose.

Glass body jewellery is great for extreme weather conditions as it maintains a comfortable temperature and will not freeze to the skin, break or crack.

Borosilicate (or Pyrex) glass body jewellery is odour-resistant and very easy to clean. You can clean your glass body jewellery using antibacterial hand soap or dish soap. Glass body jewellery is also dishwasher safe!