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When Marvel sold the rights for the first X-Men film way back in the late 90s, they had no idea what they were unleashing. The popular mutant superheroes saga, based on the decades-old comic book series, took fantasy-craving moviegoers by the balls and didn’t let go. Most popular of all was Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the rough, tough Wolverine, who had the ability to extend deadly metal claws from under the skin of his hands. Jackman’s take on the Marvel favourite was embraced by fans and made a whole slew of new ones. And that meant sequels, lots of sequels – the latest being The Wolverine, which is fresh out in the big screen right now.

Jackman’s Wolverine has been a big fave on the tattoo circuit as well! If you hang out in tattoo and body art circles, you’re bound to have seen Jackman’s snarling face on many an arm, back, or thigh. And not just Jackman, his comic book alter ego as well (complete in original yellow spandex costume). Wolverine tattoos come in all levels of quality. We’ve seen some great ones, and some not so great ones. So, in order to make you squeal with delight or cringe in horror, here are the best and the worst Wolverine tats we’ve seen…

The Best Wolverine Tattoos

Best Wolverine Tattoos 1

Ready for action, an enraged Logan (aka Wolverine) strikes his now iconic pose in this great piece of tattoo art. The shading, detailing, and colours are spot-on. Jackman’s features are exactly right, and the artist has done a terrific job conveying emotion through the eyes. Definitely a tat that says “don’t *** with me!”

Best Wolverine Tattoos 2

More Alex Ross (the comic artist) than Hugh Jackman, we love the superb sensitivity the artist has captured in this piece. Based on Ross’s interpretation of the comic book version of Wolverine, the pose, execution and expression are razor sharp.

Best Wolverine Tattoos 3

A welcome return to Hugh Jackman’s famous features in this stunning example of Wolverine art from Nick D’Angelo. We love the use of colour and contrasts, making this a very realistic image. We also love Logan’s expression; he could be thinking about anything. A lost love? How to defeat his new enemy? Claw sharpening time? Superb.

And The Worst Wolverine Tattoos…

Worst Wolverine-Tattoos-1

Whoever the artist was, he/she had a good stab at it, but it just doesn’t work. Those may be neck muscles popping, but it could easily be a particularly lumpy scarf. There is no colour or depth, and the pose? Well, there is no pose.


Ok, ok, this one was obviously meant to be a bit of fun. Wolverine riding My Little Pony. Very funny. Well – maybe! The execution is fine, but the subject matter is a little beyond the pale. Either you think the Big W is cool, or you don’t! So cover over that pony with a dragon, at least!


No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this one is real! As in ‘real bad’! Probably executed by his ten-year-old brother while big bro was asleep, this half-hearted illustration of Wolverine and Nightcrawler is certainly jaw dropping, but not in a good way. Our advice: have it covered over – or consider amputation.