Whether you are creating a fancy dress look or simply want to make a statement with your make up, coloured false eyelashes are a great way to stand out. Once the reserve of costumes, coloured lashes are now a hot beauty trend in their own right. Coloured eyelashes can be as subtle or out-there as you like and allow you to create an endless array of dazzling looks. The key is choosing coloured false eyelashes that flatter your features and bring out your own natural beauty.

Which Colour False Eyelashes?

coloured false eyelashes

The colour of lashes that you pick will determine not only how good they look, but also whether they look high fashion or fancy dress. As a general rule, bright and jarring colours are better for fancy dress; while rich jewel tones and soft shades are a little more catwalk. The key factor to consider is your own eye colour. If your eyelashes are from the same part of the colour spectrum as your eye colour, they will make your eyes appear brighter and more vibrant. For example, green lashes will make green, brown and hazel eyes look warmer and richer. A contrasting colour – such as red lashes on blue eyes – will make the brightest statement, while soft brown shades are flattering to all complexions.