The thickness of body piercing jewellery is measured in lots of different ways and it can be hard to make sure that you are buying the right size – especially if the shop you are browsing uses a different gauge system than the one you are used to. Luckily there are easy ways to convert piercing gauges and make sure you get the right size!

The three most common ways to measure piercing jewellery are: in millimetres, in inches and using AWG or American Wire Gauge. The American Wire Gauge system is commonly referred to simply as “gauge” or “piercing gauge” and is used mostly in the USA, while many UK and European manufacturers use millimetres. At we use millimetres primarily but we include AWG gauges as well.

Using Gauge Conversion Charts

A gauge conversion chart is probably the simplest way to convert standard piercing gauges into millimetres. There are hundreds of gauge charts available online and I recommend using a gauge chart if you know your size but simply want to convert it into another system. Unlike simple conversions such as volume and length, converting gauges does not rely on a simple equation, so it is best to find a comprehensive gauge chart like this one on Wikipedia.

Use our New Gauge Conversion Tool

If however you want to see the different gauges and sizes in life size, I recommend using our new Gauge Conversion Tool. We developed this tool to not only convert piercing gauges to millimetres but also to show you exactly how big the different gauges are. It actually shows you the gauges life size on your computer screen, so you can hold an existing piece of jewellery up to the screen for comparison. Our customers love using the Gauge Conversion Tool because it shows you exactly what size jewellery you are buying – which avoids any disappointment when you receive your jewellery!