The superior quality of the Crystal Evolution range will leave you bedazzled!

Crystal Evolution Bananabell – Red Crystal Devil Heart

Explore this fabulous selection of navel bananabells, each one beautifully crafted with flawless detail and set with spectacular Swarovski crystals on a G23 Surgical Titanium stem. G23 Surgical Titanium is ideal for all to wear, so those of you with Nickel allergies need not worry. This also makes Crystal Evolution the ideal choice of gift, ensuring full health and safety of the special receiver!

Crysal Evolution Bananabell – Moon and Star

If you’re looking for unmatched beauty and style, the Crystal Evolution collection will charm you with its remarkable form and vibrant colour combinations, due to advancements in technology that have set new standards in body jewellery.This astonishing line is produced using the ‘Free Setting System’ with Swarovski crystals, each crystal is set by hand. This technical development has opened a completely new world of products made with Swarovski crystals, offering an amazing array of new possibilities.

Crystal Evolution Bananabell – Crystal Flag

This new method of crystal setting involves the use of special waterproof glue, which comes in the same colours as the stones themselves. This enhances the radiance of the crystal and brings out the perfect shine.

Crystal Evolution Bananabell – Crystal Spade

The entire Crystal Evolution range can also be sterilised at high temperature without causing any damage to the crystal sets.

Crystal Evolution Bananabell – Pink Galaxy

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