Our Amber flesh plugs come in different varieties, including Baltic Amber and Domincan Amber. Dominican Amber differentiates itself from Baltic amber by being nearly always transparent, and it has a higher number of fossil inclusions. Dominican amber can be found in many colors, besides the obvious amber. Yellow and honey colored are fairly common. There is also green amber in smaller quantities and the rare blue amber (fluorescent).

Amber began its’ incredible evoltion some hundred million years ago. In what was then subtropical climate, trees oozed resin which polymerisated over thousands of years to become a substance known as copal. During this phase, the molecules begin to cross chain link and form strong bonds. Copal contains many volatile oils in the form of turpenes. Over a period of many millions of years, the volatile oils which were trapped in the resin evaporate until Amber is formed.

Amber is considered chemically inert (unreactive) and so is widely used for body piercing jewellery items including Amber Barbells, Amber Bananabells, Amber Flesh Plugs, Amber Tapers, Amber Pendants and Threaded Accessories too! Mix and match our wide selection of jewellery for a truly stunning combination of natural Amber accessories.

The Domincan Blue Amber flesh plug.

The Domincan Green Amber flesh plug.

The Domincan Honey Amber flesh plug.