Flesh plugs and tunnels come in many different sizes and shapes; some are secured with a screw-top, some with rubber o-rings and some are designed with two flared ends, staying secure without any additional fixtures!

Double flared stretching jewellery is designed for fully healed stretches that have remained the same size for at least 6-8 weeks. After a stretch has healed and settled down, it will then naturally loosen up over a longer period of time, especially noticeable after several months. The flesh naturally loosens up enough to fit jewellery slightly larger than the fitted size.

The easiest way to fit double flared eyelets is to push one side at a time, like you would a ‘button’. Remember, if your ears don’t naturally stretch very easily, or the flares are overly-large on the jewelry, they could be a little harder to get it in. If your ear is not comfortable or you are experiencing pain, please wait a further week or two before trying to fit the new jewellery.

When fitting double flared eyelets, we suggest to do the fitting after a hot shower when the skin is soft and flexible, and to use some lubricant (such as savlon or vitamin-e oil). Gently massage the ear as you push the jewellery through, making sure you do not force the jewellery if you find it uncomfortable.

You shouldn’t use double-flared jewelry for stretching up a size, obviously…as you’ll be stretching almost two sizes up to get them in…which will most likley tear your ears.

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