Ear Piercing Aftercare

Whether you have two piercings or twenty, the odds are that your first was an ear piercing. Ear piercings are easy to take care of and heal easily, making them a hassle free piercing, no matter which type of ear piercing you get. There are at least ten different types of ear piercing, and in this post I will outline the basic piercing aftercare that you need to keep your ear piercing feeling and looking great.

Ear Lobe Piercing Aftercare

Ear lobe piercings typically heal in six to ten weeks and are very easy to take care of. The most important thing is to keep your ear piercing clean and dry during the healing period. Clean the piercing twice daily with saline solution and avoid swimming or submerging the piercing in water. Try to keep your hair away from the piercing – your hair can introduce bacteria to the piercing and catch on the jewellery.

Always go to a proper piercing studio rather than a hairdresser or jewellery shop. By going to a piercing studio you are more likely to be seen by a fully trained body piercer in a fully hygienic environment. They will be able to answer your questions and follow-up enquiries are usually free. It is also important to choose needle piercing over a piercing gun. Piercing guns cannot be sterilised and can therefore harbour bacteria that impede the healing process.

Cartilage Ear Piercing Aftercare

The aftercare process for cartilage ear piercings is the same as for an ear lobe piercing: clean twice daily with saline solution and keep it dry. It is important to take special care with cartilage piercings, as the consequences of an infected piercing can be more serious. The infection can become trapped in between the layers of cartilage in your ear and in even destroy the cartilage in extreme cases. Fortunately, infections can be prevented by proper piercing aftercare. However you should consult your piercer if you experience persistent swelling, redness, pain or the skin being hot to touch.