Ear Weights For Stretched Ears

Of all the jewellery that you can wear in your stretched ears, ear weights are one of the most eye-catching. Ear weights are essentially heavy pieces of jewellery that you can wear in stretched ears. Unlike flesh plugs or tunnels, ear weights are not designed to fill your piercings. Instead they hang from your stretched piercings, leaving most of the hole visible. The image on the right shows a typical ear weight, with a spiral shape that simply hooks into your ear. Like most ear weights, it has decoration at the bottom of the weight and is inspired by elegant tribal style. Ear weights are also one of the most ancient forms of stretched ear jewellery, with examples being found dating back thousands of years, particularly in Africa and South America.

You can find a huge variety of ear weights for stretched ears. They can be made in lots of different materials but the most popular are brass, wood and stone. It is worth remembering that ear weights are worn for decoration, not to actually stretch your ears. They are suitable for healed, established stretchings only and should be removed at night.

Why You Shouldn’t Stretch Your Ears with Ear Weights

Ear weights make beautiful jewellery but they are not suitable for stretching your ears with. This is because ear weights focus all their weight on one part of your piercing. The result is that they only stretch the bottom part of your piercing; leading to uneven stretching, ear thinning and even ear splitting. A healthy stretched ear should be equally stretched all around the piercing, and the flesh should be of equal thickness all the way around.

Stretching tapers are the safest way to stretch your ears and you should wait until your piercings are fully healed before wearing ear weights. This often takes at least two months. Once your stretchings are fully healed you can wear ear weights, although they should not be worn for extended periods and always removed at night. With proper care and healing time, ear weights are completely safe to wear and a wonderful way to show off your stretched ears.

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