Apart from looking very cool, an eyebrow barbell feels good too, there are many great designs and all you have to do is see what you like before personalising your style. If you’ve never worn an eyebrow barbell before you will find that they are versatile and comfortable, making them a favourite for not just eyebrow barbell jewellery but also for other piercings. There are various coloured and jewelled eyebrow barbell pieces of jewellery, as well as subtle for formal occasions or school.

Eyebrow Barbell Materials

The choice of eyebrow barbell materials is vast, so no matter if you have sensitive skin or not you’ll find something just right for your piercing. New piercings will require biocompatible materials such as titanium or Bioplast as these are less likely to irritate the skin, once a piercing is healed you can experiment with other materials and find out what suits you best.

• Bioplast These are flexible and can be trimmed with the option of plain or coloured
• PTFE Ideal for new piercings, very flexible and suitable for facial piercings
• Blackline Eyebrow Barbells Flawless finish due to the PVD coating
• Glow in the Dark Super bright colours, flexible material and ideal for eyebrow, tongue and nipple piercings
• Surgical Steel These are very popular and very biocompatible
• Titanium Have colourful designs and are very easy to wear
• Ultra Violet Look great under UV light, ideal for clubbing and general night time styles
• Zircon Gold Eye-catching and biocompatible, zircon gold doesn’t fade or chip
• Gold Plated Great shine and solid jewellery
• 18ct Gold The ultimate in terms of eyebrow barbell material

Eyebrow Barbell Design

Caviar Threaded Eyebrow Barbell

Zircon Gold Eyebrow Barbell

Zircon Gold Eyebrow Barbell

This luxurious caviar threaded barbell is made by Zircon Gold, of PVD coated G23 surgical titanium. The long 1.6mm stem and 6mm balls allow you to make sure your piercing does not get aggravated, as jewellery that is too small for a piercing can do this. It’s a good idea to measure where you need jewellery to fit so that you get just the right size as you don’t want it too large either due to the possibility of snagging. This caviar threaded eyebrow barbell is available in three different sizes, allowing you to fit your body shape best.