Eyebrow piercing rings include various funky styles and designs with many different types of charms and motifs to jazz up your look. Your eyebrow piercing ring can be purchased in many different body jewellery materials, all depending on your personal preference and requirements. The many different choices of eyebrow piercing rings include blackline eyebrow rings, surgical steel eyebrow rings, titanium eyebrow rings, ultra violet acrylic eyebrow rings, zircon gold eyebrow rings, 18ct solid gold eyebrow rings and even gold plated eyebrow rings.

Your Eyebrow Piercing Ring Size

Eyebrow piercings can be placed in different areas; each and every individual will be different so your eyebrow piercing size will vary depending on your unique anatomy, the placement of your piercing and the gauge (thickness) of the piercing needle you are pierced with. Your piercer will make an informed decision on your eyebrow piercing, so it is highly recommended to consult your piercer about the best size of jewellery to pick for your eyebrow piercing ring.

Types of Eyebrow Piercing Ring

Eyebrow piercing rings are designed in the form of ball closure rings, or even circular barbells and smooth segment rings. All are different types of rings that can be fitted into your eyebrow piercing as long as your eyebrow piercing fits the choice of jewellery correctly. You must ensure your eyebrow ring has an internal diameter that fits the length of your eyebrow piercing, and that the gauge (thickness) of the ring is suitable for the thickness of your eyebrow piercing.

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