green feather eyelashes

False eyelashes are the hot beauty item of the last year and here at BJS we have a fabulous range, including some stunning feather eyelashes. These eyelashes can sound a bit daunting but they are easy to use and create a simply beautiful look. There are hundreds of different types of feather eyelashes so it is important to choose good quality. Our feather lashes are handmade to ensure that they stand up to repeat wearing, from hypoallergenic feathers to ensure that your eyes feel as good as they look. The key to these lashes is to think outside the box, remember that colour is your friend and dive in to create a dazzling new look.

Brown Feather Eyelashes

If you unsure about which colour will look best, brown feather eyelashes are a great place to start. Their natural colours will flatter your complexion and create a warm, glamorous look. Brown lashes suit every eye colour and will add richness to your eyes. They look especially good on brown eyes and those that include brown tones, such as green, black and hazel eyes. Pair your brown feather eyelashes with black eyeliner or softly applied brown shadow for a glam look.

Green Feather Eyelashes

If you want to make a colourful statement, green feather eyelashes are a fabulous choice. Green is very flattering to the eyes and helps to brighten both your eye colour and the whites of your eyes. Green tones refresh the eyes and give you a lovely wide-eyed look. They are surprisingly easy to wear and come in all styles, from long green feather plumes to the jewel coloured peacock lashes pictured above.