Glass body jewellery is a luxurious range of body piercing jewellery and accessories to customize your body piercings in style. Our glass body jewellery range features some of the most mesmerizing combinations of colour, pattern and shape to enhance your look. Glass body jewellery is incredibly comfortable and hypo-allergenic, making it safe and comfortable to wear by anyone.

Glass Body Jewellery Spirals, Twists and Claws

This range of stunningly vibrant glass body spirals are available in a wide range of dichroic colours, beautifully crafted to perfection. Glass body jewellery embodies a unique delicate beauty that cannot be achieved in any other material you will find. Glass body jewellery spirals include stylish pinstripe spirals and claws, glass dichroic serpentina spirals, glass twists and reflective glass gaslight body jewellery.

Glitter Glass Body Jewellery

Glitter Glass Body Jewellery

Glass Body Jewellery Flesh Plugs

Glass body jewellery flesh plugs are designed for stretched earlobe piercings, available in a variety of designs from the glamorous and festive glass glitter flesh plugs (perfect for Christmas!), plain glass flesh plugs and the fabulous Krakatoa glass flesh plugs range!

Glass Flesh Tunnels

These glass flesh tunnels are bright and funky, showing off your stretched body piercing in style. Glass flesh tunnels come in a variety of colours, including the popular glass pinstripe top hats range!