With the sun shining and Summer just around the corner – BodyJewelleryShop say get your rave on!

With our extensive collection of glowsticks and glowing accessories (including glowsticks, glowing glasses, glowing necklaces, glowing pendants, glowing balloons, glowstick earrings, glowstick raver packs, glowing belly button jewellery and much more!) you’ll be the envy of any party, guaranteed!

Glow Stick Bananabells have three dangles with glowsticks attached. Each glowstick can be replaced with more glow sticks for every night out! You can mix and match colours for the perfect addition to your outfit, so your piercing will certainly stand out!

These can also be worn in ear piercings!

We also sell the replacement glow sticks for your glowstick navel bananabells, so be sure to stock up!

These clever LED Glowing Balloons have an LED light up module that fits inside the opening of the balloon. When you blow up the balloon, the light is spread out and the whole balloon glows – if you use helium, you’ve got an instant floating coloured light. Balloon Brites Balloons are high quality and reusable – simply replace the balloon. Perfect for parties and chill out zones, these LED Flashing Balloons are the perfect funky lighting.

Light up your look with these funky Glow Stick Clip-On Earrings! These awesome light-up earrings come in a range of colours and don’t even require pierced ears. They look great and last for ages, perfect for parties, clubbing and the young at heart!

Get the party started with these high quality Glow Sticks. These awesome glow sticks are safety standard approved, safe for all ages and have a hundred colourful uses. They’re a real clubber’s essential – perfect for parties, raves, concerts and festivals. Glowsticks have a 24 hours lifespan, they can even be taken hiking, camping and caving for a safe, portable light source!

Freak out your friends and really light up your smile with the Glow Mouth Slab! This funky light-up accessory has a safe LED centre that glows when you open your mouth – perfect for clubbing, parties, Halloween and ghost stories.

Get cosmic on your next night out with a LED Crystal Star Necklace! These awesome light-up necklaces contain a colour-changing LED ball inside a cute rubber star – to turn them on, simply squeeze and enjoy mesmerising colours. Cute and super-bright, these light-up LED necklaces are perfect for clubbing, parties, Halloween and festivals.


Calling all cheesy quavers – pick up the Raver’s Party Pack to get your party started! This fantastic flashing clubber’s party pack includes 6 awesome light-up toys to spice up your next big night out. This Raver’s Pack Contains 2 Glowsticks, a VIP Tunnel Light Card, Flashing Mouth Slab, Dual Colour Glowing Sunglasses and an LED Flashing Whistle!

Check out our full range of Glow Sticks & Accessories for the ultimate party accessories!