What is piercing-related gum recession?

Piercing gum recession is a problem associated with oral piercings, such as tongue, labret, lip, Monroe or any area that uses piercing jewellery resting on your teeth or gums. Many people have no gum recession caused by their piercings at all; there are even factors not related to piercings that could also influence the risks, such as your diet, smoking or your genetics.

Why do some piercings cause gum recession?

Piercing gum recession is caused by the jewellery in your piercing, such as a labret stud, which rests on your gum area causing the soft tissue to gradually wear down and expose the underlying tooth or root canal. This can happen fairly quickly, within several weeks before you may even notice.

What are the effects of gum recession caused by your piercing?

Piercing gum recession exposes your teeth and gums to risk of gum and tooth disease, loose teeth and extreme sensitivity. You’ll certainly have no fun eating ice cream or drinking coffee!

How can you prevent your piercings from causing gum recession?

The risk of gum recession by your lip or labret piercing can be reduced or even prevented by using several precautions.

  • The placement of your lip or labret piercing could be discussed with your piercer to prevent your jewellery from resting on the gum area, although this will inevitably limit the area which you can have pierced.
  • Many people find that wearing a ring in the piercing (such as ball closure ring, body spiral, smooth segment ring or circular barbell) prevents gum recession as the curvature of the jewellery avoids the gum area. This will also depend on the piercing placement, but will almost always slow down and reduce effects of gum recession compared to labret studs that push against the gums with the backplate.
    Products to consider include Ball Closure Rings, Body Spirals& Circular Barbells.

The Titanium Medilab Labret stud has a ART-techâ„¢ surface

  • Medilabsâ„¢ labret studs can be worn in the piercing, which may help reduce or even prevent gum recession altogether. Medilabsâ„¢ have a unique backplate filled with bio-compatible pure white ART-techâ„¢. The ART-techâ„¢ surface is lighter and softer than titanium or steel and causes less impact trauma when it touches teeth or gums by gently bouncing back and avoiding friction damage.

Bioplast jewellery is proven to reduce gum recession

  • Bioplast can be worn in the piercing. Bioplast jewellery is flexible, soft and has been proven to reduce the effects of gum recession as the softer material is gentle against the gums and teeth. We have a vast selection of Bioplast labret studs and Bioplast retainers to choose from!

What can you do if you notice your piercings has caused gum recession?

Unfortunately any piercing gum recession is irreversible, so immediate action must be taken as soon as you have noticed the problem.

If you have noticed any damage to your gums, you can either remove your piercing or change your piercing jewellery for something softer, such as Bioplast or Medilabsâ„¢ labret studs. Changing your piercing jewellery may only help to slow down the gum recession, not completely prevent it from happening.

In very extreme cases of piercing gum recession, surgery may be required to prevent further complications such as gum and tooth disease, loose teeth and root sensitivity. Surgery would involve a skin graft from another area of your mouth that will be transplanted into the damaged area.

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