These Hanging Stars are available in both Wood and Water Buffalo Horn, all 100% natural materials in a variety of beautifully crafted, hand-painted, polished and finished designs. Worn in stretched piercings, this stunning piercing jewellery range is popular amongst both men and women who love a natural, primitive look.

The Wooden Hanging Star jewellery range includes a variety of different hardwoods that offer a choice of gorgeous colour tones, such as these vibrant red hues of Bloodwood and Ironwood.


The bright Crocodile Wood hanging star really stands out, and can be paired up with our Crocodile Wood Flesh Tunnels and Flesh Plugs too!

The funky Animal Print Nangka Wood hanging star also offers something unique for those who love leopard print jewellery!

These Water Buffalo Horn Hanging Stars feature two designs; plain black or green animal print. We have a wide range of beautiful Water Buffalo Horn body jewellery including flesh plugs, flesh tunnels, crescents and spirals, eardrops and many more! No animal life is taken to aquire this material and no suffering is involved in the acquisition of these by-products.

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