Temporary lip tattoos are a fabulous way to decorate your lips and switch up your style. Our lip tattoos are similar to other temporary tattoos and they last until you decide to remove them. They are easy to apply and specially formulated to be kind to your skin. They are also easy to remove and leave no mess behind, so you can go from patterned lips to bare skin in minutes. You can eat, drink and even kiss while wearing your lip tattoo. The only thing to avoid is eating greasy food – lip tattoos are designed to be removed with baby oil, so greasy foods may smudge them.

How To Apply Temporary Lip Tattoos:

To apply lip tattoos you will need: scissors, cotton wool, some water and a mirror.

  1. Make sure lips are completely clean and dry.
  2. Remove the upper lip tattoo from its packaging.
  3. Measure the upper lip tattoo against your top lip, lining it up with your cupids bow.
  4. Trim the tattoo to fit – once each side and then across the inside of the bottom. Do not cut across top.
  5. Remove the film backing.
  6. Place the tattoo against your top lip and press firmly in place.
  7. Use cotton wool to wet the paper side of the tattoo. Make sure it is completely wet.
  8. Gently peel off the backing paper. The lip tattoo should now be in place on your top lip!
  9. Repeat the process for your bottom lip. The only difference is that you will need to trim the top of the bottom lip, not the bottom.

To remove the lip tattoo, simply wipe it away using baby oil and cotton wool, or a cleansing wipe.