How To Care For Helix Piercings

Helix piercings are popular, easy to heal and allow you to wear a wide range of stylish jewellery. They are pierced through the outer rim of the ear and can be placed anywhere around the top half of your ear. Helix piercings don’t usually hurt any more than a standard ear piercing and typically heal in eight to sixteen weeks. Although helix piercing healing is fairly straightforward, it is important to go to a proper piercing studio, as opposed to a hairdressers or jewellery shop. Cartilage piercings can be difficult to place and should not be done with a piercing gun. Piercing guns can cause trauma to the cartilage and cannot be completely sterilised, which means that they can introduce harmful bacteria to your piercing.

How To Care For New Helix Piercings

The most important part of caring for your new helix piercing is keeping it clean and dry. Clean your piercing twice daily with saline solution and avoid submerging it in water. Avoid swimming pools in particular, as they contain not only harmful bacteria but also chlorine that will irritate your piercing. Keep your hair away from the piercing and keep consult your piercer if you notice persistent swelling, pain or redness. These can be signs of an infection, which can become more serious in a cartilage piercing than a standard ear piercing. Infection can become trapped in between the layers of cartilage and even destroy it in extreme cases, so get treatment immediately. Fortunately most piercing infections can be prevented with proper aftercare, but it is important to be aware of the symptoms. With proper care your helix piercing should heal up quickly and requires very little care once healed.