Industrial piercings make a big statement and they look great, so it’s easy to see why they are so popular. Thankfully, industrial piercings are relatively easy to heal and care for – you just need to know how! An industrial piercing consists of two separate piercings joined by wearing one long barbell through both piercings. It can be placed at almost any angle across the top of your ear, but the most common placement is with a diagonal bar – as shown here.

You can have your industrial pierced on both sides at once, or have the piercings done one at a time. I recommend having both piercings done at once and wearing the correct jewellery from the start. If the piercings are done separately or you wear BCRs while healing, the angle of the piercing can change slightly during healing. When you finally insert a long barbell into the piercings it will put a lot of stress on the piercings. This can cause to discomfort, migration and possible rejection of your industrial piercing.

It is also important to remember that placement is extremely important with this piercing. Every ear is different and a good piercer will be able to choose a placement that offers you the best chance of a successful piercing. If the placement is too shallow or the jewellery too short, the piercing will reject in the long term and can lead to the ear becoming misshapen. A small percentage of people may be unable to get an industrial piercing at all. As always, the key is to visit an experienced professional piercer who is able to answer all your questions and is willing to spend time finding the best placement for your piercing.

How To Care For New Industrial Piercings

In principal, industrial piercing aftercare is the same as for any ear cartilage piercing. However they can be trickier to clean and usually take longer to heal: often up to 24 weeks for complete healing. You should clean your industrial piercing twice daily with saline solution, using cotton buds – cotton wool balls get tangled in the piercing and leave fibres behind. Avoid swimming or submerging the piercing in water as this will all introduce bacteria. Tie or clip long hair away from the piercing and avoid contact with soap, shampoo or hair products. If you get any of these on the piercing, rinse with clean water and clean with saline.

Your industrial piercing should feel progressively better as it heals. If you experience persistent pain or swelling, consult your piercer – these can be signs of an infected piercing. Other symptoms include sharp pain, constant sensitivity, pus, redness and the skin feeling very hot. Infections in ear cartilage piercings can be more serious than in other piercings, so it is vital to seek help immediately. Do not assume it will just get better! Most piercing infections can be dealt with but in some cases infection can spread in between the layers of cartilage and even destroy the cartilage, leading to cartilage collapse. Good piercing aftercare can prevent infections, so it is very important to take good care of your industrial piercing!

Once healed, your industrial piercing requires very little care. Keep it clean and consult your piercer if you notice any changes to the piercing or immediate area.