How To Care For Tragus Piercings

Tragus piercings are one of the most popular ear cartilage piercings and they are relatively simply to heal and take care of. The tragus is the little nub of cartilage in front of your ear canal and although it can vary a lot in size, most people are able to get a tragus piercing. Tragus piercings look great and they are a perfect first cartilage piercing.

Tragus piercings can be performed with small barbells, BCRs or labret. I recommend getting pierced with a simple barbell or BCR – you can always change the jewellery to something more eye-catching when your tragus has healed. Some people find that their tragus jewellery makes wearing in-ear headphones uncomfortable. If you have this problem I recommend wearing a labret stud – the flat back leaves more room for the headphones.

How To Care For New Tragus Piercings

Tragus piercings usually heal well in between eight to eighteen weeks. You should clean your tragus piercing twice daily with saline solution and refrain from changing your jewellery until fully healed. Avoid swimming and submersion in water during the healing period, as this can introduce bacteria to the piercing.

Provided that you care for your tragus piercing correctly, the chance of infection is very low. But is it important to be aware that infections can be more complicated in cartilage piercings, compared to soft tissue piercings e.g. lip piercings. This is because the infection can become trapped in between the layers of cartilage and even destroy the cartilage in extreme cases. For this reason you should be vigilant for any signs of infection such as redness, pain or the skin feeling hot. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult an experienced piercer immediately.