Show off your stretchings with a pair of glamorous jewelled flesh tunnels. There are hundreds of different types of flesh tunnels available but jewelled tunnels are one of my favourites. Here at Body Jewellery Shop we have an excellent range of sparkly tunnels, including CZ jewelled flesh tunnels, Swarovski and multicolour jewelled flesh tunnels. Most jewelled tunnels are comfortable to wear despite their design, allowing you to keep your sparkle day or night. As with any stretched ear jewellery it is important to choose materials that your skin is happy with.

Jewelled Rim Flesh Tunnels

rim jewelled flesh tunnels

One of my favourite types of jewelled flesh tunnel is tunnels with jewels all around the outside of the flesh tunnel. This design is very simple and comfortable to wear but they really make an impact. We have this style of flesh tunnel in acrylic, surgical steel and even titanium, so it is easy to find a tunnel to suit your taste and your needs.

Single Jewelled Flesh Tunnels

single jewelled flesh tunnels

If you want to make a bold and glamorous statement, I recommend a pair of single jewelled flesh tunnels like these. These flesh tunnels feature one large jewel in the centre of the tunnel. Not only do these tunnels look very sparkly and glamorous but they are also great for formal events and family gatherings. These tunnels look like a large diamante earring, which means that they effectively hide your stretching. Many of our customers wear single jewel flesh tunnels for precisely that reason and they are very popular around Christmas time.