Teachers and some parents frown upon body jewellery, particularly in schools, millions of others enjoy the coolness aspect it brings and with the brilliant designs available, there has never been a better choice of discreet body jewellery . A great way to make sure you don’t stand out and get detention in school is to wear flesh tone discreet body jewellery, we have a flesh tone solid silicone hider flesh plug, available in a variety of sizes. We’ve found that stretchings become very discrete once you have a flesh tone plug in, these are great for School, work and any other formal affair. You can use flesh tone discreet body jewellery on small and large stretchings to make them less noticeable. Silicone is very biocompatible and has a soft, squidgy feel to it making it very comfortable. The nice thing about silicone body jewellery is that it is metal free and you can even wear it whilst attending hospital appointments such as x-rays and MRI scans.

Silicone Flesh Tunnel Discreet Body Jewellery

The Silicone Flesh Tunnel Plug Retainer/Hider is easy to insert, comfortable to sleep in and you can even wear them whilst wearing headphones and hats. Rather than push into your skin a tunnel plug retainer/hider will simply flatten the area. Silicone Flesh Tunnel Plug Retainers are non-porous and easy to clean, not to mention very cheap which is great for students.

Silicone Flesh Tunnel Powder Pink

Silicone Flesh Tunnel Powder Pink

Other discreet body jewellery includes products like the Powder Pink Kaos Silicone Flesh Tunnel these look great against the skin and will not irritate even sensitive areas. The bendy consistency of the silicone flesh tunnel means it’s more flexible and therefore comfortable to wear all day. Kids love using the Flesh Colour Silicone Flesh Tunnels, it’s so easy, simply squeeze the tunnel into your piercing and let go, the tunnel will then resume shape all by itself.

Another way to keep your piercing on the quiet is the Invisible Push Fit Disc . The push fit disc blends in to make your piercing look like a freckle. Even if it doesn’t match your skintone exactly it will be barely noticeable. You can use the push fit disc in any Bioplast labret or nose stud, allowing you to leave a stud in your piercing so the hole doesn’t close up. You can even get Flesh Tone BioFlex Self Threading Balls for metal, flesh tone nose retainers and a flesh tone barbell with ball as pictured.

Flesh Tone BioFlex Barbell With Ball Discreet Body Jewellery

For those with eyebrow piercings, the Flesh Tone BioFlex Barbell With Ball is lightweight, flexible and reduces stress on piercings and the risk of gum recession from oral piercings. The Flesh Tone BioFlex Barbell with Ball is biocompatible and can reduce healing times too, making it great for piercings. All you do is cut the stem to size and use a BioFlex, O-ring or threaded ball on the end. Many older people appreciate the fact that Flesh Tone BioFlex is compatible with hospital visits such as x-rays and during pregnancy.

The Heart Eyebrow Bananabell is also a fantastic product to use for hiding your eyebrow piercing, you can take off the heart and ball and replace them with clear balls. The Heart Eyebrow Bananabell will help to minimize swelling, infections and encourage faster healing times.

If you want to buy some flesh tone discreet body jewellery, ensure you go to a trusted shop to do so, or if buying online well known companies such as Body Jewellery Shop.com should be used.