Large gauge piercing jewellery is designed for stretched piercings. When you stretch your piercing, you will need to select larger gauge jewellery to fit the new size of your piercing. There are many different types of large gauge piercing jewellery to choose from, depending on your requirements you can browse the selection of large gauge barbells, large gauge circular barbells, large gauge BCRs, large gauge curved barbells, large gauge smooth segment rings, large gauge monster rings, large gauge screw in ball rings and many more.

Large Gauge Piercings

Stretching your piercing to fit large gauge piercing jewellery takes a lot of time, patience and care. You can find information on stretching your piercing on our bodyjewelleryshop blog! Large gauge piercings are most popularly large gauge earlobes and large gauge genital piercings. Large gauge piercing jewellery needs to be selected to suit the size of your stretched piercings.

Large Gauge Piercing Jewellery

Large gauge piercing jewellery comes in a great variety of sizes, which are measured in millimeters or gauge. You can browse our selection of large gauge piercing jewellery including sizes from 2.4mm large gauge to 10mm large gauge and even large gauge monster rings up to 19mm large gauge!

Other Large Gauge Jewellery

For large gauge earlobe piercings we have a grand variety of large gauge flesh tubes, flesh tunnels and flesh plugs to choose from. Check out our large gauge stretching tools and accessories to help you stretch your piercings!