If you are considering getting a male body piercing then its well worth doing some research first, making sure you get exactly what you want in the place that you want it. The world of male body piercing is surrounded in sexual innuendo, promising to enhance sexual experiences and macho power. It is paramount that you get any male body piercing done by an approved, relevantly skilled piercer who should be looked into before you go under the gun.

Male Body Piercing Jewellery

When you have got your male body piercing done and have healed you can enjoy the fantastic range of male body piercing jewellery available. Male Body Piercing Jewellery can be brought in a variety of sizes and designs, from top grade surgical stainless steel.

Male Body Piercing Steel Cock Ring

Male Body Piercing Steel Cock Ring

Male Body Piercing Steel Triple Cock Rings

Male Body Piercing Steel Triple Cock Rings

Male Body Piercing Donut Cock Ring Stainless Steel

Male Body Piercing Donut Cock Ring Stainless Steel

Male Body Piercing Types

Ampallang – This is a male genital piercing which is placed horizontally through the head of the penis, often this also runs through the urethra.

Apadravya – A male genital piercing placed vertically through the head of the penis, also often runs through the urethra.

Prince Albert – This popular male body piercing goes through the shaft of the penis just beneath the head, exiting out of the urethra.

Cleopatra – This name is sometimes given to the reverse of a Prince Albert, a Cleopatra is aligned over the top of the penis.

Dydoe – This piercing runs through the crown of the penis head, barbells are usually worn in these types of piercings.

Foreskin – Located through the foreskin, these piercings can be done in any uncircumcised males.

Frenum – The shaft skin piercing is perpendicular to the penis shaft just below the head, a ring or barbell can be worn in these piercings.

Guiche – The sensitive Guiche piercing is located in the flat area just behind the testicles. This is placed in the location of the first chakra which is an energy point of the body used in crystal healing and yoga.

Hafada – The loose skin on the side of the testicular sack is where Hafada piercings are located, men usually wear rings in these piercings. Some people call the Hafada a scrotal piercing.

Trans Scrotal Piercing – These piercings are very rare as they are so dangerous, the Trans Scrotal Piercing runs through the middle of the scrotum, they result in a healed tunnel of skin which connects the outer surfaces of the skin. The infection rate of trans scrotal piercings is extremely high and the piercings should only be carried out by experienced piercers.

Male Body Piercing Expectations

Once you have researched all possibilities, if you still want a male body piercing then you need to know what to expect. Needless to say it’s going to hurt, you need to be prepared to put your intimate life on hold until the piercing has healed. The healing period for male body piercings can take anything from weeks to months, make sure your piercer provides you with aftercare information before you get the piercing done.