Measuring Flesh Tunnels and Flesh Plugs

Stretching jewellery, stretching tools and other large-gauge accessories (including flesh tunnels, flesh plugs, top hats, flesh tubes, eyelets, crescents, claws, tapers, spirals and eardrops) are measured at the section which sits inside the stretched piercing. This is usually the widest part of the piece of jewellery, although ‘double flared’ jewellery is always measured at the inner-section of the piece, in between the two flares (explained below).

Flesh tunnels and other stretching jewellery is measured by the ‘outside diameter’ of the section that sits inside the piercing, often confused with the ‘internal diameter’. The ‘internal diameter’ is not the measurement taken for stretching jewellery because this would refer to the size of the inner ‘hole’ of a flesh tube or tunnel, which is not the correct measurement to take when fitting your piercing with the correct size.

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