What is a microdermal anchor?
A microdermal anchor (also known as a surface anchor, or microdermal implant) is a similar procedure to any surface piercing; however, it involves only one single-point incision into the skin creating a ‘pocket’ for microdermal jewellery. The microdermal anchor is held in place by ‘hooking’ into the pocket of skin, healing around the foot of the jewellery. The single-point entry of the procedure means that only one end of the jewellery is seen on the surface of the skin, unlike standard piercings that have two entry holes. Microdermals are great for body modifications where only one visible threaded accessory is desired, such as the ‘third-eye’ placement in between the eyebrows. Microdermals are also very popular as an alternative to lip and labret piercings, as they make tooth damage & gum recession a thing of the past!
What are the advantages of a microdermal anchoring?

Microdermal anchoring is a very versatile procedure that can be placed almost anywhere on the body, although healing can indeed be difficult on areas of high movement. As imcrodermal anchors allow the skin to move, pull & stretch, this allows the body to heal with less scarring and smaller possibility of the jewellery migrating and rejecting. A great range of placement possibilities have been successfully accomplished with microdermal anchoring, such as the face, fingers, neck, arms, head, hips and back; all of which are much more difficult to heal as standard surface piercings.

How long does a microdermal piercing take to heal?

Healing time varies depending on placement and care. Some people find healing a fairly quick process within 1-3 months, however, some have been known to take 6-12 months. It is important to note that even after this time, a regular cleaning routine is still important. Careful aftercare instructions will be provided to you when your piercer has done the procedure, depending on how the piercer feels is best for you to look after your new modification!

How is a microdermal anchor removed? 

Microdermal anchors are considered a permanent piercing; once healed, they can only be removed by making an incision into the healed flesh to allow the microdermal anchor to be removed. For this reason, it is important to carefully consider the placement of the jewellery when deciding to have the procedure.


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