Multi-Use Body Piercing Tubes

Multi-use body piercing tubes are a revolutionary type of piercing jewellery – a flexible, biocompatible bar that you can trim to size and use with a huge choice of accessories. Multi-use body piercing tubes can be used in almost any piercing and feel much more comfortable than metal bars. They are made from BioFlex, so they are very bendy and can help reduce healing times – what more could you want?

The thing that makes multi-use body piercing tubes different from regular BioFlex bars is that they are hollow. This might not sound very important but the fact that these tubes are hollow allows you to trim them and cut them in half. It also gives them their flexibility, very light weight and means that they are compatible with threaded metal balls, internally threaded metal balls, push-fit accessories, BioFlex accessories and O-rings.

Benefits of multi-use piercing tubes

• Can shorten healing times
• High flexibility reduces stress on piercing
• Highest biocompatibility of any piercing jewellery
• Lightest body jewellery available
• Can be trimmed to fit/cut in half
• Compatible with huge range of accessories
• Very affordable
• Metal-free
• Ideal piercing retainer
• Safe for hospital, X-ray, MRI scans and pregnancy
• Can be autoclaved
• Ideal as initial jewellery – use a tube with room for swelling and simply trim excess when swelling has gone down

Which accessories fit multi-use piercing tubes?

• Externally threaded metal balls
• Internally threaded metal balls
• Push-fit metal balls
• Push-fit BioFlex, Bioplast and PTFE balls
• O-rings

Multi-use piercing tubes are compatible with a wide range of balls and accessories, allowing you to create the ideal piece of jewellery for your piercing. Although I have used the word “balls” in this list, the same rules apply to cones, jewel balls and any kind of funky accessory. Due to size differences, certain gauge multi-use piercing tubes will be compatible with all these items, while others are only compatible with some of them – always check the product information for the specific tube and gauge you are buying!

These difference accessories allow you to turn one multi-use body piercing tube into many different styles. It also allows you to create a piercing retainer or the look of a metal bar. To create a piercing retainer simply add BioFlex, Bioplast or PTFE balls to the ends of the tube. If it needs to hide your piercing – i.e. for work – just use see-through balls or an O-ring. Another option is to trim your tube to fit and screw a metal ball on each end – this will give you all the health benefits of the multi-use tube but with look of a traditional metal barbell.

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