I had my nape done at Holier Than Thou so I thought I’d start a diary as it’s my first surface piercing and will take a while to heal. I won’t update every day I think, just when significant things happen, like if I catch my hair on it and it gets angry, or if it’s been problem-free for an amazingly long time and stuff like that.

DAY 1:

Kept the dressing on overnight, was able to sleep on my back with my head elevated on the pillow so that my neck didn’t touch anything.

DAY 2:

Took dressing off. I reached to tighten the balls (have to every other day I think) and the right ball unscrewed. I’d had this problem at the studio with the first ball we tried screwing on, so I think I’ll have to go back and get a new bar put in if the ball keeps loosening :(, think the threading on it isn’t right.
Washed my hair and rinsed all the shampoo-water away from my nape by angling the showerhead and holding my hair off it, then did a SSS with a cotton pad. I have to keep my hair tied up and off it for a few weeks/months as it’s shoulder-length and could catch on the balls. I’m going home for my brother’s 18th on Saturday so I’ll have to put my hair down then as my parents would probably disown me, so I might get a dressing for the duration of my hair being down.
DAY 6:
In the evening at my boyfriend’s house my necklace caught on the left ball and it fell off, so I went to the bathroom, washed it and tried screwing it back on. The ball would not thread onto the bar and just kept spinning round the thread without tightening. I managed to make it stay on for a bit but then it fell off again and refused to stay on for any length of time for the rest of the evening. As we had no dressings, my boyfriend tried making something to keep the ball in place, which was a cotton wool pad and medical tape. As you can imagine, all this fiddling had irritated the hell out of the piercing and so I was doing salt water soaks with cotton wool pads every time it needed the ball putting back on.

DAY 7:

I woke up and checked the piercing and the ball had come off again during the night, so I got a spare tiny o-ring I had and pushed it onto the end of the bar, which wasn’t very far, but it had to do. Me and the boyfriend went into Manchester and to Holier Than Thou to get Marcus to take a look. He said the bar didn’t need replacing as he thought it wasn’t the thread on the bar, but the ball that was the problem. So I went into the piercing room and he screwed a new ball on the bar for free, it stayed and all was good. My nape was a little red and sore at that time. The medical tape sticky residue got black bits of fluff from my t-shirt stuck to it, so I had to scrub that off the next day, which hurt a bit and my neck was sore and red.

DAY 8:
Had to go home for a few hours for my brother’s 18th birthday meal with my family, so I bought some dressings to keep my hair off the piercing as I wore it down rather than tied up. The dressings’ cotton pad bits turned out to be smaller than I thought; they did cover the balls, but barely. The dressing went unnoticed and as soon as I got to the train station after the meal I took it off and tied my hair up to let the piercing breathe.
DAY 9 and 10:

Nothing to report except for yellow crusties and slight redness around the piercing site.

DAY 11:
Ran out of cotton wool pads and had to dab solution on with cotton buds, which is not that great, will have to pop to the shop.

DAY 12:

It’s bloody itchy! ‘Borrowed’ a cotton wool pad from someone’s stack in the bathroom before bed last night (I really needed it and I don’t normally nick my flatmates’ things, it’s usually the other way round in fact!) and it was cooling and soothing. I WILL go to the shop today, it’s not like I’m revising for tomorrow anyway.

1 Month Later:

It’s a month and a day old now! Got some pics today. I’ve asked my boyfriend to check on it now and then and I think he said there was scarring on one side.

It survived Download Festival and I wore my hair down most of the time, but tied it up for sleeping, which I have been doing since the beginning. Since coming back from Download I’ve worn my hair up off it quite a bit to give it air.


And now it’s 2009, it’s been 2 years 11 months to the day that I first had it done!

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