Are you looking for something completely unique and naturally beautiful? Our extraordinary range of natural stone flesh plugs for stretched piercings features a stunning selection of flesh plugs that will knock you off your feet!

Natural Ceramic Black Lightning Flesh Plug

I think about it every day… what can I wear in my stretched earlobes that hasn’t been done a thousand times already? In a constant search of innovation and wow-factor of my body piercing jewellery, I’ve come to realise that it’s time to discover body jewellery all over again, in style.

Natural Fossil Mata Ortiz Stone Flesh Plug

Similar to our fabulous gemstone flesh plugs, these natural fossils and minerals include natural materials that you have never seen before, guaranteed. An instant favourite of mine has got to be the bold and minimal Lava Flesh Plug. Slick!

Natural Lava Stone Flesh Plug

Each one is a stunning representation of mother nature, displaying natural markings, hues and textures. You will love yours. Each and every one is a completely unique piece, I personally refer to these as a work of art in itself. It goes without saying that stretched piercing jewellery has definitely come a long way since the introduction of standard flesh tunnels and flesh tubes, I think we’d all agree.


Natural Travertine Stone Flesh Plug

Natural stone flesh plugs are double-flared, only recommended for healed stretches. It’s important to change your gauge gradually, allowing ample healing time between sizes (normally a minimum of 3-4 weeks). The best and easiest way to stretch your ear piercing is with the use of stretching tapers (or Insertion Pins) found on BodyJewelleryShop.

Natural Zebra Marble Stone Flesh Plug

Natural materials worn in stretched piercings help to reduce bad odour and offer great biocompatibility, ensuring a safe and comfortable piece of jewellery especially for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Natural Desert Jasper Stone Flesh Plug

Make sure you check out our full range of stunning natural stone flesh plugs!