Start the new year in style with our brand new clip-on ear cuffs. These ear cuffs do not require a piercing, instead they simply push onto the outside of your ear. These ear cuffs have a beautiful filigree design that looks very feminine and elegant. They snake up the outside of your ear and make a lovely alternative to earrings. Both cuffs have a central portion that clips around your ear – for the most comfortable wear I suggest placing this middle section in the centre of the edge of your ear, so the top and bottom will fit nicely onto your ear. These ear cuffs are made from high quality surgical steel with a beautiful finish. This means that they are very comfortable to wear and will not irritate your skin, in the way that cheap high street jewellery can. Being wholly made of surgical steel also means that you can gently bend them to fit your ear. You can pinch or widen the central part to get the most comfortable fit around your ear, but they will still retain their shape and amazing shine. We also have many more clip-on ear cuffs, which you can find in the Clip On Earrings & Earrcuffs section of the website.

Elegant Ear Cuff - Medium

Elegant Ear Cuff – Medium

Elegant Ear Cuff - Large

Elegant Ear Cuff – Large