Dermal Anchor Kit

New this month at Body Jewellery Shop we have everything you need for handling dermal anchors with our brand new Dermal Anchor Kits! These superb kits include all the tools you need to insert and change dermal anchors. All the tools in our dermal anchor kits are professional quality, machined in medical grade surgical steel. Each kit contains eight dermal anchor tools including micro forceps, insertion tools, tapers and bead grabbers. Due to the delicate nature of dermal anchor jewellery, we recommend having a professional piercer change and care for your anchors using this kit.

What are Dermal Anchors?

Dermal Anchor Micro Dermal

Dermal anchors are very small implants, also known as micro dermals. In many ways, dermal anchors can be said to be a cross between a piercing and a traditional implant. To the left is a standard dermal anchor. As you can see it has a long foot with a round bead on top. The foot is placed under the skin and only the bead is visible on the skin surface. The bead is threaded and can be unscrewed and replaced with other accessories. Dermal anchors are quite delicate and need a lot of care to heal well. Even after healing they remain delicate, hence our recommendation that you have a professional piercer do any jewellery changes.