At one of our biggest issues is helping people to find the right size piercing gauge – it can be really hard to know how big your jewellery will be, especially if you are going up a gauge or buying a new type of jewellery for your piercing. That’s why we have created an awesome new Piercing Gauge Conversion Tool!

How to use the Piercing Gauge Conversion Tool


Our new gauge conversion tool shows you exactly how big your jewellery will be – not only for the gauge but also the ball size, internal diameter and length. It shows you the different jewellery sizes true to life – so you can see exactly what size your jewellery will be. It’s also great if you have a piece of jewellery that fits and you want to match your new jewellery to that item. You can simply hold your existing jewellery up to the screen and see which of our products will be the right size.

We’re proud of the new piercing gauge conversion tool because it should make everyone’s life easier – it’s easy to see what size jewellery you need and you won’t get any surprises when you receive your jewellery – with the new conversion tool you can be sure that your piercing jewellery is exactly the size you wanted!

Click here to use the Piercing Gauge Conversion Tool or look for the link on any BJS product page.