Principles of Measuring your Body Jewellery

When measuring your body piercing, the measurement always corresponds to the distance between both holes of your piercing (as the length/diameter) and the thickness of the piercing hole (gauge). Using a ruler or body jewellery measuring Vernier Calipers, measure yourself between the two piercing holes in millimeters.

When measuring your body jewellery, the same principle applies in that the measurement will correspond to the area of the jewellery that sits inside your piercing (this means excluding any balls or threads on the stem/ring). Different types of body jewellery will require different measuring techniques, all illustrated below.

The gauge is always stated first, followed by the length / diameter. For example; 1.6mm (gauge) x 10mm (length / diameter).

What is the best way of measuring my body piercing and body jewellery?

Measuring Calipers are used to measure body jewellery accurately. As body jewellery is manufactured in standard sizes only a very basic pair is required.

Swiss Precision Vernier Calipers

Swiss precision vernier calipers. Highly accurate anthracite Dialmax vernier calipers in durable, high performance polymer for all measurement references.

Ideal for measuring any item of body piercing jewellery, these swiss precision vernier calipers are the standard in professional body piercing hardware. Used by professional piercers and enthusiasts alike, all over the world, this incredibly accurate measuring tool will help you identify all of the measurements on any item of body piercing jewellery you care to think of.

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