We all know how frustrating it is when your school objects to your stretchings but if they claim that your tunnels are not safe, you may be able to keep your stretchings by wearing silicone hider plugs. Some schools believe that flesh tunnels and plugs are not safe during sports and cite this as a reason that you have to remove your plugs.

In a way you can see what they mean – although I think being injured because by your flesh tunnels is extremely unlikely! If you are playing contact sports like rugby or you were struck on the ear, your flesh plug would concentrate the impact on your jawbone/behind the ear. This could technically lead make the impact more serious or lead to injury. The chance of this happening is very small but schools are obliged to take all risks into account and may be afraid of angry parents who could blame the school for allowing you to wear flesh tunnels while playing sports. This might all sound rather unlikely but some schools do claim that stretching jewelled is dangerous. Thankfully you can eliminate this ‘risk’ by wearing silicone hider plugs.

If your school wants you to remove your jewellery on safety grounds I recommend researching silicone hider plugs and presenting your school with evidence that they are safe to wear. Hopefully they will allow you to keep your stretchings on the condition that you wear safe, discrete jewellery at school.

Wearing Silicone Hider Plugs For Sports

Silicone hider plugs are safer to wear for sports than rigid flesh tunnels, tapers or plugs. This is because they are soft, flexible and can be compressed. As I have said, there is a small chance that rigid stretching jewellery could magnify the injuries received in the event of an impact to the head/ear. If you receive an impact to the ear while wearing a silicone hider plug, the plug will fold under the impact and could actually diffuse the impact. These plugs are really soft and squidgy; to they cannot push into your skin or pose any kind of risk.

Silicone hider plugs are also suitable for wear underneath a sports helmet or other safety headgear. They simply squash down underneath the headgear, which is both safe and comfortable for you.

Which Silicone Hider Plugs Do I Need?

The most popular silicone hider plug is the Kaos Silicone Flesh Tunnel Plug Retainer. Kaos are experts in silicone body jewellery and their plugs are the very best. They are really soft, comfortable and discrete. They also conceal the appearance of stretched ears under 10mm and make even big gauges look less noticeable. There are also cheaper alternatives but in my opinion the Kaos Silicone Hider Plugs are worth the cost.

Kaos  Silicone Flesh Plug  Retainer from £3.25

Kaos Silicone Flesh Plug Retainer from £3.25

Solid Black Silicone Hider Plug

Solid Black Silicone Hider Plug from £2.95

Solid Pink Silicone Hider Plug

Solid Pink Silicone Hider Plug from £2.95