Silver ear cuffs are a great way to add extra flair to your look, whether you have upper ear piercing or not. Ear cuffs are worn on the edge of your ear and can be worn anywhere from the very top of your ear to halfway down the edge of your ear.

Ear cuffs can be worn instead of regular earrings or with them to create a real impact. They are also one of the few types of ear jewellery that you can wear if you do not have pierced ears. This means that they are a great option for people who don’t want to pierce their ears or cannot pierce their ears – e.g. if you aren’t allowed ear piercings at work or your parents won’t let you.

Ear Cuffs For Pierced Ears

Pierced Silver Ear Cuff

If you have helix, pinna or auricle piercings, you can wear ear cuffs that are held in place by a barbell worn in these piercings. All of these piercings are on the edge of the upper ear and an ear cuff is a great way to show off your piercing. In the image to the left you can see what an ear cuff for pierced ears looks like and what it looks like in your ear. Here at BJS we give you a free barbell with your ear cuff but if you are buying from other shops watch out – you often have to buy this barbell separately.

Non Piercing Ear Cuffs

No Piercing Ear Cuff

Non-piercing ear cuffs are a great option for people with just an ear lobe piercings. They do not require a piercing and instead simply fit around the edge of your ear. Non-piercing ear cuffs are usually made from a slightly flexible metal, so you can bend them if necessary to get a good fit.

These ear cuffs are really light and comfortable to wear – you can even stack them up along your ear to create a really eye-catching look. Personally I love non-piercing ear cuffs because they are such an easy way to update your look. I only have a helix piercing on my right ear, so when I want to make my ears ‘match’ I just pop a slim ear cuff on my left ear. That way I can have an extra ‘piercing’ when I want it, without having to get it pierced.