Art-tech navel bananabells (belly bars) feature a stunning and colourful range of Snowbell, Carousel and Tropical bananabell belly bars. This range is very sleek and stylish, making the perfect alternative to jewelled and sparkly pieces. Popular with both men and women!

ART-tech is a mixture of ceramics and a plastic, which hardens under light. Colour pigments are added to create different colours of ART-tech. This process can be compared to that of dentistry tooth-fillings! ART-tech can even be used in an autoclave for sterilization of jewellery, without the risk of damage.

The ART-tech range of navel bananabells are all made of G23 Surgical Titanium, which is Nickel-free and very biocompatible, ideal for initial jewellery to ensure no allergic reactions. Titanium is also lightweight and comfortable to wear!

There is also a massive range of ART-Tech Carousel jewellery, so it is easy to match all your piercings. Other pieces include barbells, spirals, threaded and clip in accessories and balls, and circular barbells.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our ART-tech range!

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