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Show off your belly button piercing this summer with our great range of jewelled belly button dangles. These dangly bananabells are cute, glamorous and perfect for showing off your piercing. Here at Body Jewellery Shop we have hundreds of cute belly button dangles, so I’ve picked out some of our favourites for summer 2012.

UV Jewelled Belly Button Dangles

Ultraviolet body jewellery makes it easy to stand out and show off your piercings wherever you go. They combine amazing neon colour with a bright glow and make a statement every single time. These belly button dangles feature UV acrylic that glows brightly under UV light. They are ideal for clubs, parties and music festivals – anywhere that has UV lights! We have plenty of UV designs to choose from, but here are three of our top sellers:

Pink Jewelled Belly Dangle

Pink Jewelled Belly Button Dangle

Red Jewelled Belly Dangle

Red Jewelled Belly Button Dangle

Purple Jewelled Belly Dangle

Purple Jewelled Belly Button Dangle

Jewelled Silver Belly Button Dangles

When it comes to stylish glamour, you can’t beat polished silver and diamond jewels. Our selection of silver belly button dangles feature solid silver charms hanging from high quality surgical steel bars. They combine elegance with modern glamour, the perfect way to light up your look.

Silver Heart Jewelled-Belly-Dangle

Silver Heart Jewelled Belly Button Dangle

Silver Pearls Jewelled Belly Dangle

Silver Pearls Jewelled Belly Button Dangle

Sheriff Silver Jewelled Belly Dangle

Sheriff Silver Jewelled Belly Button Dangle

Belly button bars come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Belly button bars are designed for belly button piercings, also known as navel piercings. Your belly button bar can be as fashionable or as subtle as you wish!

Pearl Belly Button Bars

Pearl Belly Button Bars

Choosing your Belly Button Bar

A belly button bar is designed with a standard size bar thickness of 1.6mm (14 gauge). Belly button bars come in different lengths, usually ranging from 6mm to 12mm, but some belly button bars can be found in longer lengths such as the belly button bars in our maternity belly bar range. Pregnancy belly button bars are designed with a longer stem length to accomodate for a pregnant belly button piercing so you do not have to remove your belly button bar during pregnancy.

Belly Button Bar

Belly Button Bar

Different Belly Button Bars

You will find a multitude of different types of belly button bars, with an infinite range of colours, styles, designs and themes. Choose your belly button bar from a range of different materials, including our extensive range of acrylic and plastic belly button bars, surgical steel belly bars, blackline belly bars, titanium belly button bars, UV belly bars, zircon gold belly button bars, natural gemstone belly bars, glow in the dark belly bars, gold belly button bars and PTFE belly bars.

Titanium Belly Button Bar

Titanium Belly Button Bar

Other Belly  Button Jewellery

Don’t forget to check out our selection of belly button jewellery with a gorgeous selection of bright and funky belly bars, with belly button dangles, belly rings, belly button rings and even fake belly button bars if you don’t have a belly piercing!

Butterfly Belly Button Bars

Butterfly Belly Button Bars